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centre for advanced studies on islam, science and civilisation (casis)

The Centre for Advanced Studies in Islam, Science and Civilization (CASIS) is a centre of learning excellence in Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), Kuala Lumpur. It was established with the aim of promoting postgraduate studies and continuous learning in the areas of knowledge related to Islam, science and civilization, with a special focus on the worldview of Islam. CASIS is also cognizant of the importance and relevance of other civilizations. Training young intellectuals to rise to the challenges of modern scientific thoughts, technology and social science research is a paramount objective of CASIS. These intellectuals must develop their full capacity in accessing the treasure troves of Islamic thoughts in order to steer the civilizational progress of their local communities as well as the global population. 

Himpunan keilmuan muslim (hakim)

The Assembly of Muslim Intellectuals (Himpunan Keilmuan Muslim (HAKIM)) began in 2002 as a monthly study circle among young Muslim intellectuals who are not only thirsty for Islamic knowledge, but are serious about resurrecting the knowledge culture from the Islamic tradition. Consequently, HAKIM was registered as an official organization on January 6th, 2010. Since January 2011, HAKIM has been offering the Worldview of Islam Series (WISE) an intensive tri-semester course in the Malay Language. The success of this program sparks the idea for an English Language version. Seminars, colloquium, weekly reading session, classes and discussion groups are amongst HAKIM other intellectual fares. 

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Ta'dib International Foundation consisting of independent scholars and intellectuals with full sense of integrity and accountability who, through continual and constructive engagements with all related parties on various crucial levels, have been providing Islamic responses and solutions to the many challenges—intellectual, cultural, educational and scientific—of not only the modern world but also the diverse schools of thought, religious traditions and ideologies. Ta‘dib are currently active in presenting lectures in countless seminars and intellectual discourses and other educational activities not only in Malaysia but also in other countries including Germany, France, Greece, Holland, Sweden, Kosovo, France, Turkey, Iran, Japan, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and Brunei. 

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