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The WISE Program is a non-profit educational initiative made to imbibe knowledge culture among the Muslim Communities and to encourage proper understanding of the way this world is viewed as visioned by Islam. 

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The WISE Summer School programme is an initiative to carry fourth the mission to rearticulate and reinstitute the philosophical framework of the mind that is based on the worldview of Islam for men and women of intelligence, integrity and responsibility. Over the past years since 2014 - 2017, HAKIM, in partnership with CASIS and Ta’dib Foundation has collaborated with several bodies and institutions such as Peacemeal, Institute for Islamic Understanding (IKIM), and Avicenna Institute (Germany) to conducted WISE Summer School.

The programme attracted a total of 182 alumnis from local and abroad, including Indonesia, Singapore, Brunei, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Republic of Ireland, Germany, South Africa, Sweden and the United States of America. WISE Summer School is a high-impact intensive project that strives to formulate the true meaning of the self, as understood by Muslim scholars, and in so-doing, strengthening the role of each individual and overcoming generation gaps in implementing a knowledge culture. A project such as this requires multi-level supports, including moral and financial support. 

Sponsor a participant

While we strive for good financial return form this programme in order to maintain financial sustainability, the potential return from this programme transcends that which is monetary in nature. It is a programme that seeks to build networks and communities of good individuals of intelligence and conscience in promoting the culture of knowledge. More than that, it is the tacit returns in the form of clarity thought and certitude experienced by the participants as well as the organising committee that is most valuable return of investment, as it could lead to real happiness in this world and the next. The total fees per/participant covers accommodation, transportation during the program, food (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and materials. 

This is an option to sponsor the full tuition fees of a student for the WISE Summer School.

The sponsorship (RM1,800.00) will cover the following:
1. Accommodation: Shared room at The Regency Scholars' Hotel.
2. Course Materials: Course texts and supplemental materials relevant for WISE Summer School.
3. Transportation for visits: Transportation costs for WISE Summer School educational trips.
4. Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Supper.


You may give any amount of sponsorship that would help retain the sustainability of this summer school. To do this, you may either

A. Transfer directly to
Account No: 86-0282859-7
Sortcode: CIBBMYKL

B. Transfer via 

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