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WISE Summer School 2019

It is a 7-days programme designed to equip present-day Muslims with the right knowledge to rediscover their self, intellectual tradition and civilisational heritage under the ambit of the Worldview of Islām. 

14TH - 20TH JULY 2019

WISE & the Worldview of Islam 

What is meant by 'worldview', according to the perspective of Islām, is the vision of reality and truth that appears before our minds eye revealing what existence is all about. The worldview of Islām then is the Islamic vision of reality and truth, which is a metaphysical survey of the visible as well as the invisible worlds including the perspective of life as a whole.

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"Today especially, in our time there is a greater confusion in the Muslim world...Western civilization has forced us to change. And very rapid also, everything is changing. Change is considered to be a reality and therefore you must change, if you do not change that means you are dead, you become petrified...You disappear from history. And we are trying to follow that. But is it necessary to follow that?"

-Syed Muhammad Naquib Al-Attas,
WISE Summer School 2017 Special Lecture,


Deadline for Submission: 1st May 2019. Click here for other dates.
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The WISE Program is a non-profit educational initiative made to imbibe knowledge culture among the Muslim Communities and to encourage proper understanding of the way this world is viewed as visioned by Islam.

While we strive for good financial return from this programme in order to maintain financial sustainability, the potential return from this programme transcends that which is monetary in nature. More than that, it is the tacit returns in the form of clarity thought and certitude experienced by the participants as well as the organising committee that is most valuable return of investment, as it could lead to real happiness in this world and the next.



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